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Brianna Lynne. 22. Art Education dual major. Herbalism newbie. Fantasy enthusiast. Nature-lover. Horror junkie. Interested in mythology, crystal work, homeopathy, and the paranormal. I'm a girl of many facets. My Face

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  • eirecrescent:

    Here are more beautiful mini crystal wands we got yesterday! They fit so perfectly in your hand! Once we get back (next Monday) I will post them on my etsy.com crystal shop called “Stone and Crescent.” But the stone in the photo are #ametrine cactus quartz, #vesuvianite, #Celestite and #amethyst


    This was originally supposed to be a post about the boogeyman (top gif), but I stumbled upon more of Duane Michel’s sequence photography, and they took my breathe away. 

    (via sixpenceee)

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